We deliver on your promises.

GRT is your reliable and flexible partner on the road to success. With our lorries, we ensure that your goods get to their destination safely and on time. We can communicate in any language and know how to keep our cool when challenges arise.


Full service: Your needs are important to us.

Consulting for logistics and supply chain management

What suits one person isn’t necessarily right for someone else. Complex business processes require tailored solutions all along the supply chain so that flows of goods and information can be combined in a way that ensures your goods are delivered reliably and on time. We will work with you to develop the optimal solution for your needs.

Europe-wide transport- organisation

We are at home on Europe’s roads. Thanks to our many years of experience throughout Europe in logistics and transport for agricultural goods as well as commodities in the paper, wood, motor vehicle, machine and metalworking industries, we have built up an excellent network of contacts that enables us to react quickly and stay flexible.

Order picking and distribution

We take your needs personally. We offer full service along the entire supply chain: from order picking for full or partial loads to Europe-wide distribution by lorry.

We kick things into high gear.

Monika Neunteufel

Keep your eye on the ball
when things get tight.

Monika Neunteufel, BA
Managing Director
T +43 7242 224000

Almir Orascanin

Business is a lot like sport:
It takes a good team to win.

Almir Orascanin
Authorized Officer
T +43 7242 224000 30

Siegfried Schatz

Hit the target
with resolution.

Siegfried Schatz
Teamleader Agricultural
T +43 7242 224000 41

Branko Cvrtak

Playing together
makes life easier.

Branko Cvrtak
Teamleader France, Spain, Portugal 
T +43 7242 224000 31

Armin Miskic

With Honesty
you can achieve more.

Armin Miskic
Teamleader Central and Southeast Europe
T +43 7242 224000 40

GRT Spedition & Logistik GmbH

Böhmerwaldstraße 39
4600 Wels, Austria
T +43 7242 224000